Past Tours

Kathleen’s Travels to Ireland & Testimonials


Spring 2017 – IRELAND – Rich in History, Wild in Spirit

Spring 2016 – Scotland: A Romantic Highlands Sacred Site Tour

Spring 2016 – A Celtic Journey for Women

Spring 2015 – Wild Atlantic Northwest

Spring 2014 – Rugged Wild West of Ireland tour

Spring 2013 –Courting the Goddess co-lead with Rev. Angelica Taggart

Spring 2012 –Kathleen’s 8th sacred site tour, this one a pilgrimage for 15 women titled “Exploring the Geography of the Soul”

Spring 2011 –Kathleen’s first tour that she designed and booked herself, enrolling 10 “Cheekie” travelers, all women and one man, plus assistant Rev. Kathryn King. Anam Cara Tours LLC formed upon return from this pilgrimage.

Spring 2010 –Kathleen led a tour of 10 “Robbie’s Angels,” all women including one mother/adult son duo

Spring 2009 –Kathleen spent a month alone in Ireland, anchoring in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, on a private writing retreat

Spring 2008 –Kathleen’s second all-women’s tour, this time with 18 “Celtic Queens”

Spring 2007 –Kathleen’s first all-women’s tour with 18 “Moonbeams”

Spring 2006 –Kathleen designed and led her first solo tour for an intimate group of 12 women and 2 men

Spring 2004 –Kathleen designed and then co-led a tour with long-time tour leader and Unity minister Rev. Bob Wasner, another mix of women and men

Spring 2001 –Kathleen co-created and co-led a 10-day tour with Joanne McCall and 22 travelers, mix of women and men

Spring 2000 – Kathleen spent a month in Ireland immersing herself in the study of Celtic Spirituality and its pagan roots

Autumn 1998 –Kathleen & her husband Doug traveled about Ireland on a self-guided 12-day tour


“At the heart of the longing of all pilgrims lies the hope and dream that, by traveling to a special place associated with the Divine, they might somehow be changed and renewed. To be a pilgrim is to invite change, conversion, new perspectives, a deeper life. Take time, as you walk your pilgrim way, to look at and listen to the life within you and around you.”  Sister Rita Minehan

What travelers are saying…

“Although I’ve visited with some good tours and competent folks, NOT ONE of them can COME CLOSE to holding a candle to your tour; with your energy and knowledge and enthusiasm. Our trip all-together was like none other could ever be.”

“The journey and retreat were brilliant, with so many memorable places, people, sights, sounds and tastes.”

“This trip was so powerful, I am so happy I went, and glad that it was this particular journey with Kathleen that I chose to join up with.”

“It was such a blessing to experience my maiden trip to Ireland with you. Thanks again to Kathleen and Kathryn for helping make all of this happen.”

“I am so connected to this trip that I awoke dreaming of Ireland and really got a sense that I will be processing and integrating for some time!”

“Thank you again for this experience. It was life-changing.”

“Kathleen is experienced and knowledgeable in guiding her tours to sacred and spiritual sites that touch the travelers in a very special way. Her positive and loving approach to each individual puts Anam Cara Tours in a class by itself. Go…enjoy…laugh and learn about yourself and the mysteries and beauty of Ireland with a guide and leader who is creative, joyful, and fun.”