The ancient ones knew that life was not linear, nor finite. Life was a continuum through time and space. I wonder how they knew that we lived in a spiral galaxy. My guess is that they could see it in the heavens under the darkness of the new moon. A night sky without contrails, satellites or city lights. The ancients likely saw the spiral pattern in nature—in a seashell, patterns in rivers, smoke swirling above a sacred fire, even in their finger prints. Through their spiral art work, perhaps they were leaving us a message about the life/death/rebirth nature of all things. That life isn’t start-to-finish. It’s a spiral journey.

The creators of Newgrange—over 5,000 years ago—carved into stones massive spiral designs, including the repetitive use of the triple spiral. Suddenly, patterns of thought came rushing into my mind.

  • The first spiral would represent the ability to stand alone, with courage. Within that first spiral we’d explore our arrivals, aliveness and aspirations.
  • The second spiral would be about co-creating, interacting with the other. It would hold the meaning of visibility, vulnerability and viability.
  • The third spiral would be about community, reaching out to a group. Supporting words would be renew, reveal and rebirth.

The three spirals/trimesters would lead us to the number four, representing the stage of our being. Through it all I would help my anam cara sisters reclaim an archetype that had been present since birth, but sitting dormant and unclaimed. In our 10th month we will have initiation ceremonies.

This is what had unfolded for me in claiming the archetype of priestess at the Beltane fires in Ireland on April 30, 2000. How I wish there had been an Anam Cara Journey program for me as I explored the archetype of priestess!

Spiral One – Courage

It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone, in one’s authentic power. The trick is remembering that the ability to stand alone doesn’t mean we are alone, nor do we have to be lonely. It’s remembering our roots, deeply embedded in Mother Earth, rising up through our bodies, connecting with Father Sky. We then draw down blessings from above, simultaneously drawing up blessings from below. When the illusions of opposites connect in the heart that is where we stand in our authentic power.

Spiral Two – Creativity

Creation is not and cannot be a solitary act. There is power in one, but it takes two to create. When we enter the second spiral, we are tossed into waters that require us to give and take, to listen and to speak, to move and be still. In other words, the second spiral takes us out of our comfort zone by enrolling “the other.”  At risk are a sense of duality and the illusion of separateness. The opportunity, however, is to grow in consciousness in the presence of another—fully engaged.

Spiral Three – Community

The first spiral delivers us into the second spiral, and now the second spiral moves us into the third. There we open to community. True community, not pseudo community. The latter is, to me, the notion that we can create community. I have grown to believe that this is false. Community must emerge. To be in harmonious community, we must remember to stand in the courage of our individual roots, while remembering to enroll the other as comrade, an ally, the anam cara.

When fully activated, the Triple Spiral delivers us to the platform/stage of our being, the number FOUR, the foundation of our lives.