Nine-Month Mentoring Program for Women

  • Is there a stirring in your soul, a longing to belong to an intimate group of like-spirited women who will see you for who you are and support you in who you are becoming?
  • Is there a stirring in your soul, to “come home to yourself” as you revisit the sacred contract you agreed to in this lifetime but have yet to fully activate?
  • Is there a stirring in your soul, to embody the Divine Feminine—to reclaim and integrate a dormant archetype, ripe and ready to be emerge?

While on retreat in Ireland, over three consecutive years, Kathleen received a series of visions that led to the creation of a mentoring program for women. In Kathleen’s words, “Nature continues to be my primary teacher of spiritual wisdom. That’s why the Anam Cara Journey program is 9 months, a pattern of conception, gestation and birth that all humans experience, unique to all women as it is we who carry the power to give birth. (This regardless of whether we have birthed human children or not.) Since 1997, there are well over 100 women who have completed the Anam Cara Journey with me. Every woman is living a more authentic and empowered life. It looks different for each individual. Some have launched new career paths. Some have left bad relationships and found new love, while some have entered into more soulful connections with their partners. Some have forgiven adoptive or abusive parents, while some have discovered how to parent from a soulful place. A few have tapped into their psychic abilities. A couple of women have changed their names. A few women will soon be leading their own Anam Cara Journey circles.”

This is not therapy or church. It is not a cult or a coven, or a place to give away your power. It is designed to enhance whatever spiritual path you are already on.

This is an opportunity to go more deeply into your Feminine Essence, to witness and be witnessed by others on a similar journey, to claim and activate your sacred contract for this lifetime, to come home to yourself—to be enriched, empowered, and companioned, and to have Fun!

We’re All in This Together!

Anam Cara Journey mentoring circles meet once a month for 4-5 hours of group time. In between each woman has a one-hour private mentoring session with Kathleen, either in person or by phone. When the nine months are complete, claiming ceremonies are performed during the tenth month.

Are you interested in joining the Anam Cara Journey women’s group?
Are you interested in an Anam Cara Journey circle in your town, city or village?
Are you a man desiring a masculine version of the woman’s guide?

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