“Rev Kathleen’s work with the triple spiral brings out a real magic of discovery.  In just three hours new gateways of were opened for me to discover more about my own soul’s journey.  I recommend this for anyone who want so touch the magic of their own life’s journey.”

Norman Wolfe, author of The Living Organization and Co-Creator of the Creating Extraordinary Impact workshops.

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. I’ve been struggling to get myself to events lately. I trusted that Kathleen’s gentle approach and right-brain processes would be enjoyable and enlightening. It was indeed.”

Jan M

Anam Cara Tours

“Although I’ve visited with some good tours and competent folks, NOT ONE of them can COME CLOSE to holding a candle to your tour; with your energy and knowledge and enthusiasm.  Our trip all-together was like none other could ever be. ”

“Kathleen is experienced and knowledgeable in guiding her tours to sacred and spiritual sites that touch the travelers in a very special way. Her positive and loving approach to each individual puts Anam Cara Tours in a class by itself. Go…enjoy…laugh and learn about yourself and the mysteries and beauty of Ireland with a guide and leader who is creative, joyful, and fun.”


“My church is always excited whenever it is anticipated that Kathleen Verigin will be here. As an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and educator, Kathleen ranks in her skills with Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, and Les Brown. She has conducted annual winter solstice ceremonies here that are always standing room only. Her unique blend of enormous knowledge, particularly of Celtic spirituality, with a delightful sense of humor makes her a must for any audience seeking upliftment. If you have the opportunity, book her immediately.”

Rev. Guy Lynch
Unity of Beaverton

“Kathleen Verigin was the keynote speaker at Beaverton Women’s Club’s annual fundraiser in 2008. Three members of the committee interviewed Kathleen and hired her on the spot.  The speaker not only entertains the gathering, but is used as a drawing card for selling tickets. Kathleen fulfilled both requirements, exceeding our expectations. It was one of our largest gatherings to date! Kathleen kept everyone’s attention with her Celtic stories, the adventures of being a step-mother and changing career paths. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker or event host.”

Eva J. Reef
Beaverton Woman’s Club

The Book

“Your writing is so beautiful, encouraging & inspiring. I don’t know how anyone who picked this book up & read the intro could help buying it!! Big, huge congratulations!!”  — EZ